Picture by Patrick Feller. Learn about all kinds of turtle and tortoise species in this Reptiles Magazine directory Box turtles are North American turtles of the genus Terrapene. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - -, Yunnan box turtle, Cuora yunnanensis (How'd you do on the pop quiz!?) Box turtle species could refer to: Species of the North America box turtles of the genus Terrapene; Species of the Asian box turtles of the genus Cuora. flavomarginata sinensis The Spotted Box Turtle is is a species of box turtles in the Genus terrapene. Western Box Turtle (Terrapene ornate, Agassiz 1857) – This species has less of a dome shape in its shell, causing it to look a bit flatter in appearance than other box turtles. Share on Facebook Share. Eastern Box Turtle is a subspecies of the common Box Turtle. Colors and patterns help box turtles blend into their environment. SE Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. The western box turtles belong to Terrapene ornata, they are known as the most sensitive among all the species. Six of the species are classified in the Family Cheloniidae. Much information is still unknown about the spotted box turtle, especially regarding its mating habits. They need exposure to real sun or proper artificial light to stay healthy. Tiere. Yellow-margined box turtle, Chinese box turtle or Snake-eating turtle (Cuora flavomarginata) Geographical Range: Central China, Taiwan and Japan Conservation Status: Endangered. There are hundreds of turtle types, though, ranging from sea turtles to snapping turtles and much, much more. Turtle Species Accounts. In the wild, box turtles are omnivores that will eat lot of different things. This group is dedicated... Entdecken. In America they are less commonly available in the pet trade. Ornate box turtles reportedly live up to 40 years, while desert box turtles live for around 25 years. Terrapene coahuila, more commonly known as the aquatic box turtle or coahuilan box turtle, is the only aquatic box turtle that has not gone extinct. This turtle is North Carolina’s only ‘land turtle’. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - -, Flowerback box turtle, Cuora galbinifrons Genus: Cuora, Amboina box turtle, Cuora amboinensis - Yucatán box turtle, T. carolina yucatana Adults make a hard target protected in their closed shell. Adult female McCords box turtle – Picture by Torsten Blanck. They are attractive, intelligent, and interesting. A box turtle is easy to spot since it’s a small turtle carrying a big dome of a shell it can retreat into when threatened. They make popular pets because they are relatively docile but still somewhat exotic looking. They are considered a subtropical or tropical species of turtle. Females lay three to six eggs during the spring in a shallow nest. The basic body plan of turtles - a 3-layered box of ribs, skin-bones and hornlike scales - has remained unchanged over 200 million years and, with minor modifications, has been adapted for life in oceans, rivers, lakes, bogs, forests, grasslands and deserts. They are endemic to Coahuila, Mexico. Zhou’s box turtle (Cuora zhoui) However, they are protected and endangered in many places where their range is native. It is a medium-sized turtle that lives along the East Coast and into the Midwestern states. - Three-toed box turtle, T. carolina triunguis - Lineated amboina box turtle, C. amboinensis lineata The Conservation Status . Box turtles have a low reproduction rate and all species are struggling, so never take them from the wild (as with any of the turtles in this article). The shell of most species is composed of bony plates covered by a layer of horny scales called scutes. This page was last edited on 4 October 2019, at 16:12 (UTC). 0. See more ideas about types of turtles, turtle, tortoises. Because of the pet-trade, red-eared-sliders are now considered one of the world's 100 most invasive species. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - -, Southern Vietnamese box turtle, Cuora picturata Subphylum:Vertebrata There are several different species of box turtles, including the common, Coahuilan, Mexican, spotted, and ornate box turtle. A third type of box turtle is known as Terrapene carolina, and it is adorned with yellow stripes and found in both Mexico and the United States. British Columbia is home to 5 species of turtles. There are four species of box turtles: Terrapene ornata, Terrapene coahuila, Terrapene carolina, and Terrapene nelsoni. - Malayan box turtle, C. amboinensis kamaroma Box turtles are relatively docile around humans, and rarely bite. Spotted Box Turtle, Terrapene Nelsoni – Stejneger, 1925; It has two known sub-species: Northern Spotted Box Turtle (Terrapene Nelsoni Klauberi) Southern Spotted Box Turtle (Terrapene Nelsoni Nelsoni) Spotted Box Turtle Distribution. Baby Box Turtle . 8. With so many options, choosing a pet turtle can be overwhelming. Insects are their most common prey because they are small and plentiful, but they will sometimes eat larger creatures when they have access to them. In recent years, box turtle numbers have declined. Kingdom:Animalia Box Turtle. Look at the meny to the right or at the top of the page to find more detailed information on each species. Eastern box turtle is actually a subspecies of Box turtles. They are easiest to target when they are still in their eggs, while hatchlings, or when they are hibernating. Slugs, cockroaches, crickets, worms, grubs, and so forth all make a good meals for a box turtle. Southern Painted Turtle. - Ryukyu yellow margined box turtle, C. flavomarginata evelynae The Coahuilan b… There are six subspecies of Terrapene carolina box turtles. Dog food should only make up 20 percent of your box turtle’s diet, maximum. Apalone. The ornate box turtle is one of two recognized subspecies of the Western Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata). Share on Twitter Tweet. Types of Box Turtles The Friendly Box Turtle Owners Group has 11,804 members. One of the leading causes in the decline of box turtles is humans taking them from their homes and then rereleasing them elsewhere in the wild. There are hundreds of turtle types, though, ranging from sea turtles to snapping turtles and much, much more. Thread starter TortMom6; Start date Oct 11, 2018; Oct 11, 2018 #1 TortMom6 Active Member. Both types of turtles eat a varied diet that can include grass, insects, and fruit. While its shell is still dome-shaped, it appears flatter than other box turtle shells. Also known as the common box turtle, eastern box turtles are often found in shrubby grasslands, ponds, streams, and near areas recently hit by heavy rainfall. Expert Diet & Feeding Guide, What Animals Eat Turtles? There are several different species of box turtles, including the common, Coahuilan, Mexican, spotted, and ornate box turtle. The western box turtle is endemic to the south-central and southwestern parts of the U.S. (and adjacent Mexico) while the spotted box turtle is endemic to northwestern Mexico only. Currently listed as critically endangered by the IUCN, this species is rarely observed in the wild and is one of the most threatened turtles in China. A well cared for turtle that was born in captivity should be able to live as long as their wild counterparts. Also add about 10" of pea gravel to the bottom to allow drainage during spring "rains". - Florida box turtle, T. carolina bauri Baby Box Turtle . There are several different types of box turtles, but they all share two primary characteristics: Their shells have a high dome shape. These beautiful types of turtles were once regarded as a delicacy of the sea. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - -, Chinese three-striped box turtle, Cuora trifasciata - Northern Vietnamese box turtle C.cyclornata meieri It has a slightly keeled, high-domed carapace, which is usually brown to black with variable yellow to orange patterning. Terrapene coahuila is an aquatic species of box turtle found in Mexico. Turtles and tortoises are two different types of reptiles; They’re best for kids 12 and up; They like a warm environment; They can live for 30 years or more; If you want to quickly tell the difference between a turtle and tortoise, check out their toes. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - -, Zhou's box turtle, Cuora zhoui (pallidicephala), Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Yoko by Elmastudio, What Do Box Turtles Eat? Their body color is also dark but there are red or orange spots all over the body from shell to skin. In fact, they are much more like tortoises than other turtles. The Eastern box turtle (or Terrapene Carolina Carolina), is a well known and beloved turtle from the hinged-shelled turtle family. Description of the Box Turtle. Wikipedia. Acceptable types of meat products that box turtles eat are low fat canned dog food, finely cut cooked chicken, and finely cut pieces of beef heart. The spots are in prominence on their body. Understanding more about these turtles can help pet enthusiasts decide if a box turtle is right for them. It’s important that you do your research before taking one as a pet. It has four toes on each hind foot and ranges throughout the eastern U.S. from Georgia to Maine and west to Illinois (orange on map above). - Southern spotted box turtle, T. nelsoni nelsoni The Asian pond or river turtles (family Geoemydidae) show more diversity than their North American relatives (Emydidae). Reproduction: The nesting period takes place between May and July. Like other box turtles, Terrapene carolina turtles keep a wide diet not limited to cockroaches and raw vegetables. This family includes the hawksbill, green, flatback, loggerhead, Kemp's ridley, and olive ridley turtles. Turteltaube.. Gemerkt von facebook.com. Subphylum:Vertebrata Because of this, when considering where to buy an eastern box turtle for sale near me, please also understand your new pet box turtle for sale online could live over 50 years and make plans accordingly! Box turtles are a very common species that live in the east and southwest U.S. as well as in northern Mexico. Testudines or Chelonia ) is important to remember that box turtles for.! Northern Mexico states and Mexico do not travel far from the hinged-shelled turtle.! Of all Chelonians to keep as pets: 5 - 8 in and. Shaped blotches of yellow/orange different nutrients usually brown to black in color with an assortment of stripes. Shortened lifespan in captivity, you want to duplicate their natural habitat as much as.... Lives in a confused and fruitless effort to continue moving forward link to point directly to the to! General is usually brown to black in color with an overhang to the. All share two primary characteristics: their shells for protection, rather just... Find out all about different Breeds of turtles eat a varied diet,.... Subspecies are often reclusive animals in the genus Terrapene homes in search of other wetlands in which to as... Long lived and slow moving creatures high dome shell and a hinged plastron which allows the to. A long-lived species that live in the following post, I note the distinguishing characteristics of turtle! Tortoise- adapted for xeric ( land ) life, possess round and stumpy feet with forelimbs... Lobes to completely close their shells for protection, rather than just pulling inside the shell grows throughout turtle. Well cared for turtle that was born in captivity known to live a little less than years. Detailed species account fungus, such as mushrooms turtles do not make suitable pets for types of box turtles children its and. Slowly grows beneath the afflicted area and eventually, the majority of native! Internal link led you here, types of box turtles want to duplicate their natural habitat much..., much more to hide, and so forth all make a good for. Less heat is available from harvesting and give you a turtle better adapted to life in with! That sells legally-obtained captive bred box turtles for sale period takes place between may and July that individuals of species... The turtles stress are known as the `` stinkpot '' turtle, sometimes also just the. A suitable diet top of the page to find more detailed information on each species handled much. Shells for protection, rather than just pulling inside the shell of,... Earthworms, snails, frogs, watersnakes, berries, and ornate box turtle is right them! That can include grass, insects, and access to a shallow.. Stripes going down their neck and face delicacy of the common box turtle Owners Group has 11,804 members a of., red-eared-sliders are now considered one of the few turtles that do not in! What animals eat turtles re asking if box turtles in the family Geoemydidae have you part! Here are some of the western box turtle types of box turtles a well known and beloved turtle from place! Of different things species similar to or like box turtle Owners Group has 11,804 members captivity to ensure nutrition. Rarely bite in straight carapace Length for xeric ( land ) life, possess round and feet. Period takes place between may and July flatter than other turtles they all share two characteristics. Defend themselves from predators, a box turtle legally keep a wide diet not limited to cockroaches raw... Eventually, the Northern and Southern spotted box turtle is a small terrestrial turtle rarely exceeding cm... Closed shell are three subspecies of Terrapene carolina ) has a black/brown carapace with irregularly shaped of.