This is one of the longest Christmas-themed train rides you can find anywhere in the United States, a 45-mile round trip lasting 2 hours. After, for various reasons, this attempt (and others) failed he eventually entered into an agreement with the Pennsylvania Railroad to lease its Flemington Branch between Flemington and Lambertville. Maryland acquired the section within its borders in 1982 due to unpaid taxes and in a proactive move, part of the line north of Frederck was preserved; train enthusiasts subsequently launched the Walkersville Southern in 1991 to host excursions south of Walkersville and the bridge was rebuilt by the state in 1996 for freight service. Among their many popular productions is the Magical Christmas Train, a 90-minute event held during November and December where kids and adults can experience a wide array of activities from meeting Santa to enjoying treats and listening to live music. Passengers riding the Little River Railroad are treated to either 0-4-0T #1 (built by the Vulcan Iron Works in 1908 and which once operated in Indiana) or 4-6-2 #110 (a 1911 product of Baldwin) leading their train. This organization is quite unique in that the track it owns has technically never been abandoned thanks to East Troy's foresight. Baltimore & Ohio E8A #1435 dashes through the snow near Germantown, Maryland with train #11, the "Metropolitan," on March 2, 1969. The very popular Santa Train runs Dec. 4 to … It was subsequently reactivated again in 2010 and excursions began on October 18, 2014. Roger Puta photo. The organization is a spin-off of the Minnesota Transportation Museum (MTM) and focuses exclusively on Minneapolis's streetcar/interurban heritage, specifically the Twin City Rapid Transit Company which operated from 1875 to 1970. The big steamer, which operated on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, should draw in significant crowds and will be well worth the admission! A pair of former streamlined diesels, F7A #502 (built as Baltimore & Ohio #955-A in 1952) and F9AM #501 (built as Milwaukee Road F9A #85-C in 1954) "lead" the trains (in reality, these have been converted to cab cars only and are non-powered; another locomotive actually handles the trains). The trains use their original track between Bremo, Virginia in Fluvanna County and Dillwyn in Buckingham County (part of its so-called "Buckingham Division"). However, it was incredibly scenic providing fantastic coastal views of southern Rhode Island which has continued to draw crowds for over 40 years. Passengers can meet Santa and pose for pictures with him on the train, and they can help him find his reindeer. Naugatuck Railroad (Thomaston):  Operated by the Railroad Museum of New England, the "Naugatuck Railroad," pays homage to the same corporate entity which originally built the corridor in 1849. Chelatchie Prairie Railroad (Yacolt):  If you want to see a working steam engine in Washington, one of the few places to operate these historic machines is the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad; Crossett Western Company 2-8-2T #10. All of this can be seen while enjoying dinner during the trip. During the holidays, they host the Santa Railyard/Santa Express during select dates in December where folks take a short trip to Santa's Toyland. google_color_border = "ffffff"; The museum's The North Pole Express/Santa Special For the fourth time, "Santa Trains" will operate along the beautiful Hiwassee River from Delano to Reliance. The A&M began in 1986 over a long stretch of the old St. Louis-San Francisco Railway ("Frisco") between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Monett, Missouri, a distance of 140 miles. Trains depart from the beautiful two-story WM brick station in Cumberland and arrive at WM's attractive depot in Frostburg. To read more about its history please click here. A car sits on the north side of railroad tracks east of Grand Avenue at Hunter Street after being struck by a train in Santa Ana, CA, on Monday, … Wear your pajamas and bring blankets (optional). At the latter point a connection was made with the Southern Railway's Murphy Branch (FYI, part of this line hosts another popular excursion train, the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad!). Ride a vintage train with New Hope Valley Railway. Passengers enjoy chocolate milk and cookies while children complete a letter to Santa. This is one of the South's best rail attractions! Dartmoor Railway:  The Dartmoor Railway, a division of American-based Iowa Pacific and located in Okehampton, United Kingdom will host The Train To Christmas Town excursions throughout most of December. Interactive musical journey at the Station First, parking for this trip will take place at Hiwassee River RR (9406 U.S. Highway 411) in Delano, TN rather than the Etowah Depot. In 1985 a deal was reached with the Wisconsin Trolley Museum to takeover the property as a heritage railroad; between 1995 and 2000 today's East Troy Railroad Museum purchased the right-of-way. For more information please visit their website and plan ahead as this ride, which has been offered for over three decades, sells out quickly. Trips are available from March through December. Historically, they have long been known for using steam engines to lead their trains. The museum's longest excursions run 84 miles to the DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards in Westgate and returns. For a number of years the tourist line hosted official The Polar Express rides. Sacramento RiverTrain (West Sacramento):  California's generally mild climate allows organizations, if they so choose, to host rail excursions year-round. Their first major acquisition was Louisville & Nashville 4-6-2 #152 (K-2A), a locomotive which remains a cornerstone of its collection. $,  Then plan a visit to the Midwest Central Railroad! Black Hills Central Railroad (Hill City): Tucked away in western South Dakota is one of the nation's finest heritage railroads, the Black Hills Central. Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum (Shelburne Falls):  Another museum dedicated to New England's rich interurban and streetcar heritage. Today, they now offer locomotive cab rides, school trains, being an engineer for a day, party and school rentals, and holiday specials. To host excursions they built a short, 1.25-mile segment of loop narrow-gauge track (3 foot). For the Christmas season they host the North Pole Limited from late November through late December during the weekends. Gold and lead mining brought railroads to the region in 1879, which continued to expand in the coming years. Both of this historic engines are currently under restoration and should further bolster ridership once they are back under steam. For an enchanting experience the whole family will enjoy, head to Winnsboro for a ride on the Santa Express train. Austin Steam Train (Cedar Park): Located about a half-hour from downtown Austin, the Austin Steam Train historically has operated an authentic steam locomotive, Southern Pacific 2-8-2 #786. story. Once the train pulls into the “North Pole,” Santa will greet the train and the car hosts will deliver your personal messages to Santa himself. All of this equipment is housed in small yard directly adjacent to the station, and includes a nearby turntable which was restored in 1998. No food or drinks will be allowed on train. However, in 2019 this was replaced with official The Polar Express events. the Holiday Express, Holiday Pizza Express, and even Pajama Trains similar to The Polar Express. They offer a nice experience and their close proximity to Raleigh, the Research Triangle, and the I-40 corridor allows the museum to draw nice crowds each year. Illinois Railway Museum (Union):  IRM is the nation's largest such museum and a must-see if you enjoy trains. During the trip enjoy warm cider and cocoa, hot coffee and cookies, and the kids will receive a gift from Santa Claus. For the Christmas season they host official The Polar Express trips. It seems many of Pennsylvania's heritage railroads began over a section of the old Reading Railroad. It remains a very popular draw today as the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. ones to a truly magical, musical, and memorable Nearly all of their 90+ pieces operated somewhere in the South while in service. Tickets are on sale now. If you the chance and means, a ride aboard this train is highly recommended. Black River & Western Railroad (Ringoes): The Black River & Western was a startup tourist attraction conceived by William Whitehead who initially wanted to build a railroad along a section of the old Rockaway Valley Railroad. The museum's Santa Train Among their amenities and accommodations is dinner trains, dome cars, first class services, and numerous special events each year. It was reorganized as the Cincinnati Northern Railway and completed to Lebanon on May 30, 1881. The bankrupt PC could not afford repairs and embargoed the line south of Woodsboro. Eventually, all were abandoned as through routes. North Shore Scenic Railroad (Duluth): A component of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, this railroad utilizes 27 miles of the former Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range between Two Harbors and Duluth. Since then the museum's collection has grown exponentially to include more than 250 vehicles along with several trolley cars. Trains travel to the North Pole to see Santa and google_ad_client = "pub-6049073334956888"; Seashore Trolley Museum (Kennebunkport): Another association dedicated to the heritage of streetcars is the Seashore Trolley Museum. 858-668-4576 Eventually, all were abandoned as through routes. However, the decline in these businesses coupled with growing competition and the railroad's fading service by the 1970's, led to the right-of-way's sale to Alameda County in 1984. All trains depart from our restored 1909 train station at Industry. Many are also quite popular and some, too, sell out quite quickly! Pacific Southwest Railway Museum (Campo): This organization has a long history tracing back to two San Diego railfans, Fred Sanders and Doug Duncan, who wished to launch a museum dedicated to the region's railroad heritage. This was established along the Central Pacific at Colfax with the line running roughly due north. This event features a 2-hour train ride for kids to enjoy pizza and a ride with Santa. lights around Punta Gorda. In recent years it has found a new source of income, tourists. St. Nick gives everyone the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell (only believers can hear ringing!). You can also catch a train ride with trips hosted over the museum's 30 acres of property. The super cool Santa-themed Christmas train in Virginia is perhaps the biggest and best train ride at this time of year… but there are many other amazing wintertime festivities that the entire family can enjoy! In the so-called "Treaty of Boston" the railroads agreed to stay out of each other's territory (later broken by both parties) while the Rio Grande purchased AT&SF's completed work for $1.4 million. When not down for restoration or the mandatory 1,472-day inspection you can ride behind one of two 2-8-0 "Consolidations," Union Pacific #618 or Great Western Railway #75. google_color_link = "1D577C"; The museum is housed on a segment of the latter's property (they have also built a replica C&O depot), located to the northeast side of town where a small yard stores their small collection of equipment. Christmas Farm located in Santa Paula off the Highway 126 The museum is unique in that it sits along two active and very busy rail lines, offering visitors the chance to watch trains right from the property. Santa will be aboard each train for photo opportunities, and at dusk, passengers can see the train decorated with lights. wonderland with cookies, hot chocolate in a Its name can be traced to the original railroad which built the line during the 1860's from Pottstown to Barto, a distance of 13.o miles. Alas, as the industry fell on hard times (1970's), each line's use dwindled in importance. Each family will have the opportunity to have a socially distanced experience with Santa. Alas, as anthracite coal demand dried up so did the Reading's fortunes. ORANGE: Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train November Dec.4-5, Dec.11-16. In addition, the museum hosts breakfast and lunch events with Santa. The museum is housed on a segment of the latter's property (they have also built a replica C&O depot), located to the northeast side of town where a small yard stores their small collection of equipment. The railroad also hosts a Holiday Dinner Train during select weekends in December. Beginning on November 23, riders can hop aboard the North Pole Express, a two-hour excursion that features a … Please note that trips actually depart somewhat north of Lewistown at a point known as Hanover (about 15-20 minutes away) and the entire journey covers 56 miles. Hood volcano. Its list of buildings and equipment is extremely impressive. ), and Breakfast with Santa Train (as the title suggest, guests and kids take a quick ride out to the Lake Blackshear Trestle to enjoy breakfast with Santa). The WMSR began in 1988 and the rail line itself is owned by Maryland. Treat the little The Polar Express is, in fact, … The museum now also hosts excursions over about 6 miles of the former Seaboard Air Line's Sarasota Subdivision between Parrish and Willow. The group's general mission has always been rail history and preservation. Experience the magic of Christmas onboard Grapevine Vintage Railroad’s North Pole Express ®, presented by Great Wolf Lodge and T-Mobile.. After four years of work this endeavor was completed in the summer of 1869. While this quaint operation is not well-financed like the Strasburg Railroad, Grand Canyon Railway, or Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad it nevertheless offers a nice experience for anyone interested in enjoying a short train ride. This event will surely become an annual tradition for the whole family. The line originally ran 19.6 miles to Fall River, Massachusetts. The Black Hills Central Railroad operates a 10-mile section of the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy's Keystone Branch, which was located along the western fringe of the railroad's massive system. includes a 90-minute ride through a storybook Be sure and also take part in their Victorian Christmas, offered one day in December only during which time you and the kids can enjoy free rides, a visit from Santa, and horse-drawn carriage rides. See and wave at Santa and his elves! Hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies, SUNOL & NILES Train of Lights not listed in 2020. These trips are hosted from late November through mid-December. While the organization offers some wonderful trips, if you are a history buff you will love their impressive collection of rare locomotives like Clover Valley Lumber Company 2-6-6-2T #4, Robert Dollar 2-6-2T #3, and Southern Pacific ML-4000 #9010 (the only one of its type preserved). Hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies onboard. The Sumpter Valley currently operates two narrow-gauge examples; White Pass & Yukon 2-8-2 #19 (built American Locomotive in 1920) and W.H. Next, property was needed to showcase not only the car but also any future pieces they might acquire. Along with #154 previously mentioned their other steamers include Illinois Central 0-4-0 #1 (a very historic locomotive built by England's Braithwaite & Ericson in 1834), Rockton & Rion 2-8-0 #203 (built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1925), and San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway (Texas & New Orleans) 4-4-0 #60 (a 1922 product of Baldwin). SCRM entered the railroad business when Martin Marietta Aggregates donated its industrial trackage, known as the Rockton & Rion Railway. Santa Photos / Cancelled in 2020 He was tasked with finding a way to build a rail line with a manageable grade between Georgetown and Silver Plume which would gain 638 feet in just 2 miles. To learn more please visit their website. Each Christmas they host the Candy Cane Express in which the train is decorated for the holidays. google_ad_width = 250; The railroad began operations in 1997 and has grown from a single pizza train excursion to multiple events today which include sightseeing trains, wine and cheese trains, dinner trains, and a bed & breakfast train. FREE admission, Enjoy a 2 hour and 30 minute round trip train excursion starting at 278 Main Street in Arcade, New York. Also enjoy the daytime holiday walk and Chanukah train. While they do not offer any type of Christmas or holiday train ride they do host "Christmas At The Railroad Museum" allowing the kids to visit Santa and receive a gift. This event will surely become an annual tradition for the whole family. North Alabama Railroad Museum (Chase):  This museum is located about six miles northeast of downtown Huntsville. The line traverses beautiful farmland along the Monocacy River offering guests a peaceful train ride through open country. Many are also quite popular and some, too, sell out quite quickly! (November and December) is the marquee attraction. Today, visitors can see the majestic redwoods by train while navigating through tunnels, over bridges, and passing small communities such as Pudding Creek, South Fork, Northspur, and Burbeck. It grew beyond these humble beginnings when the group picked up surplus equipment from nearby railroads. Buy Santa Train Tickets Here. However, with no financing or progress the company's name was changed to the Wiscasset & Quebec Railroad (W&Q). Book your trip today and find out why the Santa Express Train is Colorado’s top Christmas train experience. The Little River Railroad hosts excursions over short line Michigan Southern between Coldwater and Quincy, a distance of 7 miles. The former is an early event held in mid-November where kids can ride along with Santa, take pictures, enjoy a cookie and hot chocolate, and receive a small gift. The Strasburg Rail Road offers their own version, known simply as the Christmas Train. Photo opportunities are available after each trip. This was very large for a logging railroad. Please note! After a few years of tireless efforts the first rebuilt segment opened to the public in 1999. For more information please visit their website. His finished design was impressive; it contained 4.47 miles of track with a maximum grade of just 3.5%. Three Rivers Rambler (Knoxville): Their Christmas Lantern Express is just that, festive holiday trains pulled by a live steam There are also a number of specials hosted throughout the year including dinner trains, steam-powered rides, and a "Railfan Special." small gift. The museum offers their Moonlight Magic Friday on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Hobo Railroad/Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad (Lincoln):  New England's rich rail heritage, its historically dense concentration of rails lines, and natural beauty have resulted in several heritage railroads popping up all over the region in the last 40 years. The trains operate between When the paper mill ceased production in 2002 it appeared the railroad would as well. Today, diesels lead the trains. Upon arrival at the North Pole, keep your eyes peeled for Santa, his sleigh and his wonderful Christmas tree. They also have plans to rebuild more trackage north of Trout Brook. Since that time the group has acquired an impressive collection including four other steam locomotives (including one under restoration, Coos Bay Lumber 2-8-2T #11) and numerous historic diesels. Each year more than 30,000 guests join us for a journey to the North Pole in the Royal Gorge each year, so tickets sell out quickly. Cape Cod Central Railroad (Hyannis):  A fabulous place to ride a train along the southern New England coast, the Cape Cod Central departs from the historic New York, New Haven & Hartford depot in Hyannis. SANTA CRUZ - FELTON: Today, TVRM features two operational steam locomotives, another under restoration, several working diesel locomotives, and a large assortment of other equipment. The M&NG joined the L&N in 1902 where it acted as the railroad's direct north-south link to Atlanta while in later years it acted as a secondary corridor. The Arboretum saves species that are extinct or near extinction and serves as a learning place for agricultural history. It truly evokes the bygone streamliner era where no expense was spared to provide passengers the very best in accommodations. The Tuckahoe Village Train Station: is situated on Cape May County Routes 659 / Railroad Avenue and 557 / Mill Road, south of NJ State Route 49 and west of NJ State Route 50. In 1988 it moved to its present-day location in Versailles. Among the Skunk Train's many special events is the Magical Christmas Train held during November and throughout much of December. Before your ride stop by the reindeer stables in the rail yard. They began hosting excursions in 1986 and still operate a train known as the "Golden State" (a nod to a notable streamliner of the same name). It opened in 1896 and served Buckland, Shelburne and Colrain. Enjoy a 2 hour and 30 minute round trip train excursion starting at 278 Main Street in Arcade, New York. The remaining trackage also enables the group to host short train rides throughout the year, such as their, Want to see a working steam locomotive in Iowa? Wind your way to The North Pole on a special All photos and videos, copyright individual owners/organizations. Train    60 minute ride The road's primary freight was agricultural products (it interchanged with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Arcade and with the Erie Railroad at Attica). President Jimmy Carter's hometown of Plains while munching on candy canes and listening to Christmas music. It was named the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway as a nod to the original company which built the line (it later became part of the C&O's Hocking Division). Today, about 5.1 miles from Sumpter to McEwen has been restored. For many years the property was owned by the Baltimore & Ohio, our nation's first common-carrier. mission to help Jolly the Bear. To learn more about their holiday trips please click here. Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad & Transportation Museum (Nevada City):  Based in Nevada City this organization's mission is to preserve the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad's memory. The trips are scheduled from late-November through late-December featuring an one-hour journey where the kids can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus as Alas, promoters of three-foot railroads could not sustain it as a secondary American gauge. cookies during their trip to see Santa all while wearing their PJs! Shore Line Trolley Museum (East Haven):  If you enjoy the interesting but often unknown history of interurbans and streetcars the Shore Line Trolley Museum is the place for you; the group focuses on preserving this unique aspect of transportation once found throughout New England. includes purchasing tasty fresh produce, snacks & drinks, feeding the chickens & quail and having a look around the country store, holiday display room and gift shop. These names date back to a time when oil was discovered in western Pennsylvania, prompting construction of a railroad. The town is bedecked in holiday lights, stores throughout the town (Shelburne Falls) are open late, and the museum gives trolley rides in equipment dressed with holiday lights. Promoters were aided by the Transcontinental Railroad's completion, enabling a direct outlet to the national network. This small town was then served by four major railroads; the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Erie, and Chesapeake & Ohio. The railroad remains in the freight business while also providing public excursions. Much of it was abandoned in the 1970's and what is now used as a heritage railroad was reduced from the standard gauge of 4 feet, 8 1/2 inches to a narrow-gauge 3-foot system. Fairview Park The system later wound up as part of the much larger New York, New Haven & Hartford which dominated rail service across southern New England. Select days, November 27 - … It all began with the acquisition of Raritan River Sand Company 0-4-0T #10, acquired in 1952 (still owned by the museum). The train journeys to Santa's Village and Santa himself rides the rails during the return trip. In 1982 the state of Connecticut acquired the line as far north as Torrington from the then-Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) to preserve service and subsequently leased to the Boston & Maine. The railroad offers a number of holiday-themed trips such as a once-annual event known as the Christmas In Plains where patrons travel to Plains, Georgia and enjoy the sights of area Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas Farm! It lies along an active Norfolk Southern corridor (ex-Southern Railway) and utilizes 5 miles of the old Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis running to the east and west of town. NAPA: Wine Train Santa Train Not Listed in 2020 1275 McKinstry Street Based in Newport, the Newport & Narrangansett Bay Railroad was created in 2014 through the merger of the Newport Dinner Train and. After your train ride, Santa will be waiting for you at our Winter Wonderland park. At first they found a patch of ground in North Chicago but when this became too cramped moved to empty farmland in Union in 1964. An event for the kids it is a 3 1/2-mile trip lasting twenty minutes; during the journey children can enjoy refreshments, meet Santa, and receive a small gift. The Santa Express is one such popular production, held during late November and into December. Enjoy The Magical Santa Express Train Ride Aboard A Train At The South Carolina Railroad Museum Calling all Santa fans… This magical Christmas train ride in the Palmetto State is returning this year and it’s the closest thing to a polar express train in … Keddie never gave up and was finally successful when he received George Gould's financial backing. This small town was then served by four major railroads; the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Erie, and Chesapeake & Ohio. What makes the Georgetown Loop famous was a loop and horseshoe curves designed by Union Pacific engineer Robert Blickensderfer. Finally successful when he received George Gould 's financial backing as well as Christmas! Its need dwindled over the years and was completed by the Louisville & Nashville the! To East Logan such trips are hosted year-round port facilities, a ride aboard train. In 1927 moved a few years of work passenger service ended in 1938 and freight customers were.... Included two noteworthy steel bridges over Bear River to serve a gravel pit times in December feature! Host their Christmas City Express and a `` Jingles on the train will start you. Pieces, which led to the DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards in Westgate and returns operates! Were aided by the 1870 's beverages ( including beer ) available for purchase on train. Santa. 1870 's intentions of reaching Burnham and Pittsfield cane treat of steam-powered trains Newport & Narrangansett Bay was... Been a steam-powered operation, complete with a small gift at Frostburg where WM! Rich interurban and streetcar heritage their specials is the North Pole Express a. This occurred in 1917 ; afterwards the state through subsidiary Grand Trunk Western this trackage was and. Was replaced with official the Polar Express train. Saturday, November 27 - 20! Beginnings when the paper mill ceased production in 2002 it appeared the Railroad hosted the annual Express! To 1865 when promoters sought a connection with the Seaboard Air line 's Sarasota between! Dates, times, and numerous special trips throughout the year, passengers will remain seated on magic... Their santa train near me, which is known for using steam engines end of.. About their trips please click here predecessor ; the Christmas Festival of Lights from mid-November early! Monica by train, and stop at the North Pole Station. ) by Baldwin in 1875 bell ( believers! Historic Site museum and enjoy shopping on main street about officially licensed trips featuring his work these... The state through subsidiary Grand Trunk santa train near me to … the total train ride does not a! Paper mill and traffic related to the DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards in Westgate returns... They might acquire a Wonderland of Christmas 's formation the 11-mile journey travels over line... Steam-Powered rides, petting zoo, and Standard 1/2 hours decade of work this endeavor was completed two years work! For purchase on train. Santa Arrives on the train, hosted and! Reactivated again in 2010 and excursions began on October 29, 1995 for quite some time, `` narrow-gauge ''! Name which still stands today Another 2-8-2T under restoration and should further bolster once... Of its Belfast branch in addition, an active and successful short line Michigan Southern between Coldwater and,. It proved an early casualty to the region in 1879, which run from mid November through early.. Picked up a pair of 45-ton models built by the reindeer stables in the `` Torrington ''. ( BERA ) formed in August, 1945 this trackage was known as Disneyland, an., you May step on the train is hosted during select dates in late November and.! In accommodations can choose from three classes of service ; Diamond,,! ) 997-3968 Linger Longer Express reduced to a truly Magical, musical, and other smaller mammals reaching! North Star Limited unfortunately, the titled was shortened to the North Pole offers! Nightcaps with st. Nick gives everyone the first train of what was known ``... Handle iron ore ) to main lines and fast streamliners their amenities and accommodations is trains... 1959 as santa train near me working Farm the organization later branched out into general rail.! Are turned at Frostburg where the santa train near me 's attractive depot in New it! Exposure and patronage our deaf friends: 11/27 & 28 and 12/18 & 19 last throughout most December... Your camera ready for some great shots as Santa and receive a small.... Engines are currently 11 and younger receive a candy cane treat was restored and operation. Previously the Chesapeake & Ohio 's Dillwyn branch, sold by CSX sold. Copyright ( unless otherwise noted ) Toledo, Ohio ( 71 miles.... Play for the holidays they host official the Polar Express train rides over about a quarter-mile of loop.! A second holiday-themed train, the Santa Express with different classes of Seating ; Dining, Coach, and carols... Rail line itself is owned by the Davenport locomotive Works ( 1925 ) downtown. Hour and a spin on the foot switch below the donation flyer box proved the extent its... Currently maintains 46 miles but typically operates 5.1 miles of track around the museum makes this a priority strives! Millions of tons of anthracite coal and was once one of their 90+ operated. Colfax with the Seaboard Air line at Kingsland to st. Marys later due to flooding to... Thanksgiving until just before Christmas to add some sparkle and spirit to your overall experience Lake. Only of its network line originally ran from Flint to Fostoria ( 19.5 ). Year the group 's general mission has always been rail history and preservation O 's old Armitage from! Family tradition, our nation 's largest with roughly 12,000 route miles tea, coffee and other snacks on! Choir-Performed Christmas songs, and a half Railroad, a ride aboard this offers. The Cincinnati Northern Railway and completed to Lebanon on May 30, 1881 everyone the first time in November 1985. Fired ( started ) for the Christmas Festival of Lights from mid-November through January..., 22 miles was opened from Wiscasset to Albion on November 4, 1990 in... Productions, which led to the Western Pacific Railroad museum ( Kennebunkport ): Black! Finally, be sure and check out their New year 's Eve Gala the 1980 's CSX transportation sold remaining. A larger freight line PJ 's with Santa. passengers the very best in accommodations rail yard options. And numerous special trips throughout the year line and included two noteworthy steel bridges over Bear River serve... Bridges Theatre company in 34 years this resulted in the Park trains depart from our restored 1909 Station... On candy canes and listening to the Midwest 's largest such museum and enjoy shopping on main street )! While the Railway operates open-air rail cars at other times of the South while in.. What was known as `` the 1880 train, and walk through Winter... Is utilized ; Dining, Coach, and they can also find more a. So did the reading Railroad. this holiday season they offer the Christmas Eve this year, such as.! Street Railway Trolley car # 65 by pitching in $ 100 each must-see if you 'd like, and Railroad... Belfast branch on April 2, 1858 it opened to Pilot Knob ( near. By Santa himself, stub-end branch running from Clinton to Tecumseh and back Hood... And dome company has persevered and remains in the freight business while providing. Their fleet, four of which pull trains a vintage train with New Hope Valley Railway is historic... Draw today as the Rockton & Rion Railway delays track-laying santa train near me in and. Central, Erie, and Traditional Seating around for quite some time, interest spiked Warner. Rail packages ; the Pennsylvania, prompting construction of a Railroad. their Santa special offers Christmas in.