So we reached out to André 3000 himself. Andre 3000 is instead focused on exploring other creative endeavors. Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer, best known for being a member of the southern hip hop duo Outkast alongside André 3000.Outkast released six studio albums; Big Boi's solo debut Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty was released in July 2010 to critical acclaim. Andre 3000 isn’t the only person who’s moved on. André 3000 (André Benjamin) is 42 years old (birthdate: May 27, 1975). Directed by John Singleton. The happiest family you ever did see. Omar also has an older daughter, Aiyanna (21), from his previous relationship. André Lauren Benjamin (byname André 3000; b. How old is André 3000? In 2012 interview, Erykah semi-hinted to the fact that her heart was never truly over Andre though. He also likes tater pops and they make him happy. He played college football at Miami, and was drafted by the Texans third overall in the 2003 NFL Draft.He is 11th all-time in NFL career receptions, and in NFL receiving yards. Whoa: Andre 3000's 20-Year-Old Son Looks Just Like Him Double take. Andre 3000 is learning a new meaning of the phrase "ice cold" as he shoots the movie "Four Brothers" in Toronto. On April 25, Badu took to Twitter to reveal that Seven was accepted into four colleges. He started a clothing line in 2008 called Bixby. Albums include channel ORANGE, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, and Take Care. Outkast were an American hip hop duo formed in 1992 in East Point, Georgia, consisting of Atlanta-based rappers André "3000" Benjamin (formerly known as Dré) and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton. Erykah and Andre 3000’s son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, is 19-years-old. It turns out Andre 3000 didn't have to apologise a thousand times after making Ms. Jackson's daughter Erykah Badu cry, after she finally responded to the song Outkast wrote about her, 'Ms. It’s good to see Andre 3K and Keisha are both happy now. When it comes to the future of Outkast Big Boi is ready for a return whenever Andre 3000 is. Published November 22, 2017 . André Lauren Benjamin (born May 27, 1975), better known by his stage name André 3000 (and sometimes simply Dre), is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor, best known for his work in the group OutKast.André formed Outkast with his classmate Antwan (Big Boi) Patton of Tri-Cities High School in the ATL's East Point area. For those fans who still shamelessly dance to the lyrics, "shake it like a Polaroid picture," we thought it'd be interesting to find a little about the story behind the song. turned 10 years old this month, and despite its age, the song has remained as infectious as ever. Sharon Benjamin-Hodo passed away in her sleep early on May 28 in her Rex, Ga., home, the Associated Press confirmed with a representative for the rapper at the firm Sunshine Sachs. Andre Lamont Johnson (born July 11, 1981) is a former American football wide receiver who played most of his 14-year career with the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL). Their relationship inspired André 3000 to write the song "Ms. Jackson". Genres: Avant-Garde Jazz, Television Music, Southern Hip Hop. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. André has a 97-year-old great-grandfather. Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu may no longer be together as a couple, but one thing that keeps them close is their 20-year-old son, Seven Sirius Benjamin. André has 2 uncles; one who works as a realtor and another who Tori says is creepy (mentioned on iParty with Victorious) According to one of André's updates, he is allergic to dust mites. With a bit of an old André feel, the verse is rough, rugged and raw. Andre 3000's mother died Tuesday, just one day after the rapper celebrated his 38th birthday. Erykah and Andre 3000’s son with his dad, Andre. And there ya’ have it family, alls well, that ends well. "What you think is cold is pretty warm for us," he said. Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 have this co-parenting thing down to a science, and we remain inspired. André 3000 discography and songs: Music profile for André 3000, born 27 May 1975. Listed as one of the best rappers of 2000, Andre Lauren Benjamin, better known as Andre’ 3000 or Andre’ Three Stacks, is a father, songwriter, actor and even an entrepreneur. With Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André 3000, Garrett Hedlund. In 1995, Badu became involved with rapper André 3000 of OutKast, with whom she had her first child, a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin, on November 18, 1997. Their relationship ended sometime in 1999. Andre 3000 stated in an interview with Complex that "“Rapping is like being a boxer,” André equates. Her ex-boyfriend, Common also wrote in his book that while they were dating, the amount of photos Erykah kept around her house of Andre always made him uncomfortable. See the 25 Longest-Charting Hip-Hop Albums in Billboard 200 History Filed Under : Andre 3000 , Feature , The List When their adoptive mother is gunned down in a store robbery the 'four brothers' investigate the murder for themselves & look for the killers, but not all is what it seems. André says that his favorite food used to be spicy tuna, but is now buffalo nuggets. They have two children together- K’mari Mae, 16, and Amir, 12. André 3000 also talked about his friendship with Marshall Mathers, and how they would swap lyrics from old school rap group Hieroglyphics. Jackson'. [Intro: André 3000] / I said, her from the city / So her got to be witty, witty / She said, him from the country / So him got to be funky, funky / [Verse 1: André 3000] / Mama, I'm Widely recognized for their intricate lyricism, memorable melodies and positive messages, OutKast is often regarded as one of the greatest and most influential hip hop duos of all time. Outkast‘s Andre 3000 – real name André Benjamin – has revealed concerns that he was ‘too old’ to play Jimi Hendrix.. “By Design” is the first ever Cudi-André 3000 collaboration and the first of the two André 3K features on Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'. André is also featured on “The Guide.” The Even though the 45-year-old is far from old, he’s had the pleasure of experiencing a lot and is known as a trendsetter in many different arenas. Discovering their mutual admiration for hip-hop and the funk musicians who became their stylistic touchstones (Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, … May 27, 1975, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) and Antwan André Patton (byname Big Boi; b. February 1, 1975, Savannah, Georgia, U.S.) joined forces at a performing arts high school in Atlanta. recent questions recent answers. ATLANTA — Since April, André 3000 has been on the road, traveling from festival to festival with his old partner Big Boi to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album as Outkast. Ra talks about meeting Andre 3000 and what he took away from their meeting as well as the price of fame and what he feels like is required to have success. Keisha is happily married to her husband of 15 years, actor Omar Epps.