Sit-on-top kayaks allow you to move around with less restriction than a sit-inside model, which is especially useful when you need to net a fish. A kayak's rocker refers to the curve of the hull from front to back. Lacks scupper or drainage holes in the bottom. Click for Price. The self-bailing scupper holes found in sit on top kayaks are also a huge advantage when small rapids wash over the deck. When it comes to sit on top kayaks, there are 5 unofficial categories that help determine the best use. We at BestReviews can help take the confusion out of shopping. Easy to get in and out of the water. You can expect to pay between $200 and $1,500 for a sit-on-top kayak. Sit-on-top kayak prices. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — U.S. law states a personal flotation device, such as a life vest, should be on you or within reach at all times when using your kayak. The manufacturer may sell seats as an optional extra. Michigan offers a variety of kayaking, and probably some of the best kayak … Seat is on the hard and uncomfortable side. The affordable, lightweight kayak tracks well on any lake, stream or river. Your legs are out in the open in a sit-on-top kayak, which is great for warm water or warm weather use but less appealing during colder weather. SOTs that don't have seats usually have a dipped or indented area for you to sit in. Unless you're lucky enough to live right by the water, you'll probably have to transport your sit-on-top kayak from place to place by car. Put it all together and you will have a stable 8 foot, 2-inch kayak for your adventu… Check out our, Quick Answer - The Best Sit On Top Kayaks, Reviews - Best Sit On Top Boats for Kayaking, Bells and whistles cost extra but needn’t hold you back from splashing through rivers and relaxing amongst nature. Best Sit-on-Top: OC Paddle Tandem Kayak at Overstock "This sit-on-top kayak features a polyethylene frame that can hold two adults and one child." Of course, the choice is yours, but here are some of the benefits of sit-on-top kayaks over sit-inside kayaks. While this increases your speed, it will make your kayak less stable and easier to capsize. is the standard variety found on basic SOTs. SOTs tend to have footwells positioned at a set distance from the seat, which means they may not be comfortable for people of every height. Think about how much storage you need. These have some storage, but not as much as touring models, and they tend to be more suited to flat water rather than surf. You can find some excellent one- and two-person kayaks for this price, with lots of extra features, such as comfortable seats, paddles, and ample storage. kayaks are faster and have more room for storage, but these can be tricky to steer through obstacles. For general use, choose a kayak with medium rocker. Single-layer or linear polyethylene is the standard variety found on basic SOTs. Find sit-on-top kayaks from brands you trust like Pelican and Perception, all at low prices!n Touring SOTs are designed for longer trips. Top Choice. Most sit on tops should be able to handle the average sized lake. It’s an easy way to know a kayak’s length! SOTs can have high-backed or low-backed seats. You won't set any speed records with this kayak, but it is a sturdy and durable bargain. Best for Lakes: Brooklyn Kayak Company PK14 at Brooklyn Kayak … They tend to be fairly long and track well (move straight through the water). It’s important to keep in mind where you will be doing most of your paddling as it will help inform your purchase. Between its easy handling and the included accessories, this is a great option for those just getting into kayaking. Easier to get into from the water for swimming. The seat has minimal padding and could offer more support. Easy to get into. Aside from listing the top places to kayak, you can also read about the training centers that are dedicated to this water activity. The sides of the cockpit sport creatively placed deck lashings for holding a paddle when not in use or clipping gear for immediate retrieval.